Avenor Senior High School goes online for 2023/2024 SHS 1 admissions.

Avenor Senior High School goes online for 2023/2024 SHS 1 admissions.

As part of moves to integrate ICT into all areas of school life in Avenor Senior High School, the school management with support of the IT coordinator has again hosted this year’s admission of first year students on their website and other platforms to ease the process of admission. This move aims at not only saving time but aslo at helping parents/guardians and students cut down expenses on travelling to and fro campus to sucure admission. The traditional way of securing admission into any school is that you visit the school you have been placed and take your admission letter and prospectus then go back home, prepare and come back to school. Imagine the transport cost and time if your ward is placed very far from you.

This online admission portal makes it possible for parents/guardians/students to get all the admission documenst at home without travelling to the school just to secure such documents.

According to the Free SHS IT coordinator of the school, you are to follow the underlisted steps to secure your admission into Avenor Senior High School popularly called AVENORSEC.

  1. Log on to https:// avenorshs.com/admissions/ Or
    https://shstvet.com/avenorshs/ via your smartphone/ computer or at any internet cafe
  2. Click Click here for admission or Click here to Apply button which takes you to a page where you will check your placement status in our school.
  3. Enter your JHS index number in the search box provided and search. If you are placed in the school, you will see Congratulations, Proceed to Pay, if not call the contacts provided on the portal.
  4. Click on Proceed to Pay and pay small online processing fee through one of the means provided on the portal including Mobile money.
  5. After payment is successful, you will be directed to the online Enrollment form which you will fill.
  6. After submitting the enrollment form, you will proceed to the final page where you will download and print the prospectus.
  7. Fill the printed forms and also buy the items on the prospectus and report to school as early as possible.

It must be noted that securing admission through this online system is an optional/alternative way and not compulsory, hence does not replace the traditional way of securing admission. You may choose to come to our campus at Avenorpeme, near Abor in the Akatsi South Municipality of Volta region to get the admission letter and prospectus instead of getting them online..

If you want to know more about our school log onto our website at

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