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Online Admission

For Students successfully placed by the CSSPS
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Report to School with the filled downloaded forms on the 4th DEC. 2023 as communicated by GES
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Click Here for Admission Confirmation of Placement You are entreated to confirm your placement into Avenor Senior High School by printing and submitting the CSSPS Placement and Enrolment Form to the School. Enrolment Prospective students are required to be enrolled into the school portal to guarantee their beneficiary status of the Free SHS. Students and Parents who may not be able to travel to the school can complete the online admission form for further processing by the Admissions Team.  This option does not seek to replace the laid down admission procedure of the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service. Prospectus All items that are required by the school and student are conatined in the School Prospectus. This together with other vital Admission Documents are accessible online for download after completing the online admission form. Reporting All First Year Students are expected to report to School on 4th December, 2023 as directed by the GES. Students are to report wearing the prescribed Checked Uniforms

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